Frequently Asked Questions

Neevo is an on-demand skill sharing platform that allows the college community to demand and share skills!

Not much at all! To request a skill, all you’ll need to enter is your payment information, which can be connected using Venmo! To become a Neevo and offer a skill, all you’ll need to do is personalize your preferences (pricing and availability) and add your skills and experience.

If you cancel the session as a user, the Neevo's minimum fee will be charged. Alternatively if a Neevo cancels after they are on their way to the session, it will show up on their profile.

The application will detect no shows and will treat them as cancellations. As a courtesy to your community, please refrain from no shows!

Refer to the "Become Neevo Certified" page!

Neevos can certify certain skills to boost a Neevo's outreach and value. It is our seal of approval for quality and expertise. Go on then, certify your skills!

Yes, you can, but this feature is limited to certain universities. If your school does not have a course database, don’t worry, we’re working on it!

Neevos belong to your community. You have access to their background, track record, ratings, reviews, and experience. If all this is not enough, choose solely amongst certified Neevos!

Enter the email connected with your Venmo account as well as your credit/debit card information and you're good to go. The system is secured by Braintree Payments, the safest platform in the business.

Once you are signed up, all you have do to is: 1) Add your Payment Options (Venmo is an option!) and 2) Add your skills and courses.

Our immigration lawyers have ensured that sharing your skills is a form of 'On Campus Employment'. Just make sure you only share your skills with students at your university and you don't exceed 20 hours of sessions a week (as if that's possible).